Handknitted Dog Coats

Knitted by me, Carol

All my Dog Coats are all hand made buy me, with love and care I found that in Australia you couldn’t get good. Dog Coats to fit Maltese dogs properly so I have been knitting these Dog Coats for the last 20 years and the pattern is in my head and they fit lovely on any dogs all the knitting yarn is bought from Spotlight or other shops that I find has beautiful yarns, I love the textures of the knitting yarn and the colours and I tried to create beautiful handknitted dog coats 🥰I knit these Dog Coats all you round and I knit lots of eight ply 2 lots of 8 ply together which gives us 16 Ply altogether and I put a little bit of fluffy fancy yarn around the collar and the cuff s which just gives it that extra original look the sizes start from

Please before you ring me have your size ready so that I will know
what colour to show you

Boy or girl colours That I have available in your size .if you can look at the graph you’ll understand how to measure your little dogs or any size dogs and then you can send me a message and I can show you what I have available in your size they are so well-made and they fit absolutely adorable on your little dogs m
They are good for going for walks most of all good for keeping your dogs warm so much love and care goes into all the knitting that I do with some beautiful colours